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YIN & Sound Healing - LIVESTREAM

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Service Description

Livestream Yin yoga practice - Yin poses held for 5-7 minutes each, sound therapy, meditative savasana. Go a Little, Go More, Go a Lot. Practice is for you, so no ultimate or end goal except for where you want to take your body in Yin form. Floor work and a few moments of standing activity. Sound Healing integrated throughout practice & during Savasana. Recommendations, What to 'Bring': ~Practice at room temperature, at home environment; Best at 75 degrees ~Yoga mat* ~yoga clothes, comfortable stretchy clothes for ease of movement ~No socks, sneakers, buttons or zippers ~water bottle ~yoga block(s) (can use: sturdy water bottle to lean on, wood block, or footstool - no more than 6" high) ~6 or 8ft canvas strap (can use: a rope or cloth of same length) *Yoga mat & props may be purchased from the studio, by Hugger Mugger. Healthy Choices: Para Rubber, Eco Friendly, Non-Latex based mats; No rubber in mat helps to avoid markings on your floor and allows for tolerable breathing & less skin irritation when close to, using your yoga mat. Virtual Tip Jar - VENMO @KarenSantorello