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YIN & Sound Healing @Rising Spirit Yoga

YIN & Sound Healing @Rising Spirit Yoga

  • 1 hour
  • RSY Rates
  • Wells River Wellness Hall


YIN & Sound Healing @Rising Spirit Yoga Yin yoga practice - Yin poses held for 3-7 minutes each, sound therapy, meditative savasana. Floor work with holding poses and a few moments of standing activity. Singing bowls integrated throughout practice & during Savasana. Go a Little, Go More, Go a Lot. End goal is for you, where you want to take your body in Yin form. Room temperature.  Wear layers of clothing. Typically, no props used.  Though if you feel that you need support in a particular pose, yoga teacher will assist with a block or meditation pillow; to allow for full release and your comfort level. Bring a water bottle. Use eco-friendly, non-latex based mats to alleviate latex allergies and avoid floor markings potentially made by rubber mats. Registration @Rising Spirit Yoga - Wells River Wellness Hall

Cancellation Policy

Classes & Programs can be booked up to 90 days in advance. Class cancellations can be completed up to 30 mins prior to class start time. If you do not cancel a class within this timeframe, then you will be charged for that class. If you have unforeseen circumstances that prevents you from cancelling your class, credit for the class will be at the discretion of the Owner of Kamalika-K.

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