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YOGA Wellness Consultation

FREE 15-min Private Yoga Wellness Consultation

  • Kamalika-K, 45 Upper Main Street, #101

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1 time, FREE 15-min Private Yoga Wellness Consultation - 1 person per 15 min session, Zoom or In Person Questions you have about getting started with a yoga practice. Where do I start? Which class(es) do I sign up for? How Do I "Do" Yoga? I need to stretch! I need to Move! I need to concentrate! I need to focus on my goals! Interest in Wellness Products, Get Free Samples: Avon Farm Rx - Vegan Skin Care Avon re::tune Inner Beauty doTerra Essential Oils *Basic Contact Information will be captured at registration & start of phone consultation. Info will not be shared. *If you Need a Different time, Please reach out to me to make the appointment.

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